Here’s what some of our patients have to say:

“People have asked me if I have faith in the supplements I get, in the holistic approach. I would say yes, I do but it is because I have faith in Dr. Strickland–that he has done the research for me and fully vetted his approach. He is open to questioning, he listens, he explains things in detail and is not offended by questions. My first faith is in God and I could recite how I came to be a patient and some might call it a series of “coincidences” but I say that if you pray, if you ask the universe to guide you to something (I was looking for a Naturopathic/holistic type doctor) and IF you keep your eyes open, a door will be opened…and I found Dr. Strickland. I appreciate his attitude, his staff, and the work they all do.”  -V.K.

“I have been seeing Dr. Strickland for 2 years, I am so grateful for finding a doctor who actually listens and is willing to help, he is more like family than a doctor and his staff is the BEST!!!”  -T.G.

“Excellent patient care experience. Friendly staff, always helpful in answering questions. Dr Johnnie Strickland takes superb care of his patients from the first appointment on. Having a very knowledgeable provider who’s always looking out for the well being of his patients is a rare quality. Add that to being available all hours for patient care is a unique quality and a true patient blessing.”  -P.C.

“Dr. Strickland and his staff are awesome! He actually takes time to listen to your problems and talk through every question with you. Hard to find a doc willing to give so much attention to his patients any more.”  -J.B.

“Dr. Strickland has been our family doctor since our daughter was born and we’ve never had anything but good reviews to say. His office staff (including himself) loving, personable, and make you feel at home. I appreciate Dr. Strickland’s natural approach to his practice and I appreciate even more that he doesn’t pressure us to vaccinate our children (even ourselves). If we could give a higher rating, we would and would recommend his services to anyone! You guys rock!”  -T.C.

“The best practice I have ever encountered! I trust Dr Strickland with my entire family including my newborn and my nonverbal autistic 6 year old!”   -A.F.