Dr. Strickland graduated from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in 1988 and finished his residency at EA Conway in Monroe, Louisiana in 1991.  He came to Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama in 1991 where he served as Chief of Family Practice, Chief of Allergy/Immunology and Chief of Triage. In 1996, Dr. Strickland opened a Family Practice clinic in Prattville, AL and served as Chief of Staff at Prattville Baptist Hospital as well as being elected to President of the Autagua County Medical Society by his colleagues. He began his journey of “Nutritional Medicine” at this time having realized the benefit of home grown food and less toxic lifestyle relating to Health and Wellness.  In 2002, after realizing the broken insurance system was causing long waits for patients and great stress for physicians,  Dr. Strickland created one of the first concierge medical practices in the United States . He decided it was time for a more patient centered approach to Healthcare and wellness that would provide the time patients deserve and would combine the best of Mainstream Medicine with Functional, Herbal and Nutritional medicine.